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What’s the Purpose of a Trademark? How is it Used?

What's the Purpose of a Trademark

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The following information is provided to be just general information, and therefore, should not be taken as specific legal advice that pertains to any particular situation.  The reader should not base any decisions on the information here to act or refrain from acting regarding a legal problem.  If you believe you have a […]

New Law in the Brief (Sort of): Act 162 and Taxes for Cash-Based Businesses

Hey everyone, long time no see . . . been very busy, but I am grateful for all the business deals that everyone has been doing.  It makes for an optimistic outlook in the economy and that there are a lot of creative people in Hawaii looking to be successful. Anyway, I am writing this […]

Draw the Law: Government and Business, Part III: The Legislature

Personal Update Aloha everyone! I apologize to all my loyal blawg readers, that have missed on so many months on posts from me.  I have been extremely busy, but have a lot new and exciting information, as well as simple little sketches to help you understand the law.  First off, let me state that my […]

Pacific New Media Class: Social Media and the Law – March 6, 2013

Please join me at my class with Pacific New Media on Social Media and the Law next week Wednesday, March 6, from 7 – 9pm if you are interested in learning about the applicability of various laws with social media usage. I will be talking about whether you can be fired for using social media, […]

Boilerplate Blurb: Assignment.

Assignment Clauses Generally, in contract law land contracts are freely assignable (meaning they can be transferred).  However, if an agreement possess a restrictive or anti-assignment clause it will prevent this transferring of the agreement. Thus (anti)-assignment clauses determines whether rights, obligations and duties under an agreement may be transferred in whole in or part to […]

Social Media and the Law: Legislative and NLRB Updates

The following information was presented by me to the Social Media Club of Hawaii’s Social Media “Boot Camp” for Hawaii Recruiting, Staffing and Hawaii Human Resources Professionals on Friday, February 22, 2013.  You can find a downloadable pdf version on the “Resources” page of my website. Here was what was discussed: Legislative Updates Summary: Generally, […]

Boilerplate Blurb: Severability.

Well, it’s been a while for a Boilerplate Blurb, but here is one that cuts to the chase (pun intended). The severability (aka savings) clause is used to keep a contract and its various provisions intact if parts of it are deemed illegal or unenforceable in a court.  Why? With written agreements being so long […]

Draw the Law: Government and Business, Part II: The Judiciary

Hello readers, mahalo for stopping by and checking out this second of a series of Draw the Laws on government and its interaction with business.  For this week’s post, and the next two, I fill do a brief survey of the three branches of the US government (as well as the State of Hawaii).  So […]

Draw the Law: Government and Business, Part I: The Overview

Happy New Year! Pardon the delay, but I have had a lot of work and been trying to deliver new interesting content and helpful services for local small businesses and startups here in Hawaii. So I hope you all are off to a roaring start with your business plan, startup, second round of financing, or […]

What’s With All this Paperwork, Part VIII: Loans with Security Interest

Hey everyone, pardon the delay for this week’s Draw the Law, but many of my clients have been requesting services preparing for the end of the year or getting ready for the coming year.  How about yourself? Do you have New Year resolutions concerning the conduct of your business? Better policies? New agreements? Finally, converting that […]